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Supporting Muntons Malt’s environmental objectives

Maintech Power maintains the existing electrical infrastructure at Muntons Malt, and we worked with them to see what energy improvements were available to support their carbon reduction and energy efficiency measures to retain their position as the “Green Maltster” and reduce the impact of their activities on the environment.

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Using our expertise to deliver a more energy efficient electrical infrastructure

Carbon reduction

advice and support

Energy efficiency


Client Muntons Malt
Location Suffolk
Benefits delivered
  • Provided technical advice on energy efficiency and carbon reduction opportunities
  • Installed the ultra-low loss transformers to improve energy efficiency
  • 24/7 ongoing electrical maintenance support

Our knowledge of the network, together with our High Voltage capabilities made us perfectly placed to deliver this project

True end-to-end project delivery.

To support the client achieve their objectives, we monitored and modelled the site’s electricity usage and established that an upgrade of its existing transformers to ultra-low loss transformers, which reduce the losses that are experienced when operating a private High Voltage distribution system, would provide energy efficiency and carbon reduction benefits.

We installed these ultra-low loss transformers for Muntons Malt and we continue to provide 24/7 electrical maintenance support.

We have established an excellent working relationship with Maintech Power as our maintenance partner and trust the expertise and advice of its team, which has again proven to be beneficial for Muntons Malt.

As an energy intensive business, we are hugely committed to consistently reducing our impact on the environment and maintaining our established “Green Maltster” reputation.

The installation of the low loss transformers is very much part of this strategy and we have already seen a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

Maintech Power ensured the process was incredibly efficient with a seamless transformer switch out, minimal production downtime and a rapid positive influence on our environmental credentials.

Muntons Malt

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