28 Feb 2023

New dedicated function to drive customer experience focus at Fulcrum Group

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Delivering the highest level of customer experience is a strategic priority for Fulcrum Group. To maintain and enhance its service levels, it has created a new dedicated customer experience function, which operates across all areas of the Group.

In a specifically created role to lead the Customer Experience function, Customer Experience Specialist, Georgina Whitham will lead a joined-up approach to overseeing customer feedback and business improvement actions.

Georgina, who has been with the Group for three years, takes on the role after working as Operations Support Manager where she had a focus on customer service as part of Fulcrum’s smart metering installation and maintenance contracts.

As Customer Experience Specialist, Georgina will work closely across the Group to continually improve, develop and implement new processes and practices, which focus on ensuring the quality of its customer service is best in class.

This includes training and incentive programmes for colleagues and supporting the strengthening of relationships with customers.

We have always worked to provide the best possible levels of service, which we now have a dedicated function to support its focus, and will be able to make even more comprehensive. Early and continuous engagement is a key element of our approach, not only for the successful operational delivery of projects, but also from a customer experience perspective.

We value and take action on all feedback, whether it’s from customers, suppliers or members of the public. It enables us to continually improve how we work. Any customer who would like to share their experiences of Fulcrum can do so by reaching out to me directly at feedback@fulcrum.co.uk.

Georgina Whitham

Transparency and communications are a fundamental part of successful customer experience and Georgina brings the expertise, insight and enthusiasm to this new role. Our new Customer Experience function will ensure the continual improvement we consistently work to achieve and supports our strategic aim to be the very best in our sector for service to our customers.

Richard Jupp, Divisional Director

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